Distri Rail to expand rail shuttles Rotterdam – Duisburg

The Dutch rail operator Distri Rail and duisport are intensifying their collaboration. Distri Rail uses the duisport network to distribute goods in the European hinterland, and continues to expand shuttle traffic between Rotterdam and Duisburg. In addition, duisport acquires a minority interest in Distri Rail.

The rail connection Duisburg – Port of Rotterdam is offered by several operators, whereby the biggest rail volume is handled by Distri Rail. The company wants to increase its use of Duisburg as a hinterland hub and will significantly raise the amount of shuttle traffic between Rotterdam and Duisburg – to several departures daily. To ensure the long-term sustainability of this concept, duisport has accepted the offer of DistriRail’s owners to acquire a minority interest in this system.

This development addresses the prospect of significantly higher container volumes that have been forecast by many market participants over the next couple of years.

As an independent rail operator in the combined transport segment, Distri Rail has worked successfully with shipping lines and logistics service providers for many years. At this time, more than 360 trains run weekly between Duisburg and 80 destinations in Europe and Asia.

Source: http://www.transportweekly.com