Distri rail - making new connections

Connecting all
containerterminals in the
port of Rotterdam with
the European hinterland


Distri Rail connects all rail terminals in the port of Rotterdam with the European hinterland. We daily operate 7 trains of each 100 TEU / 2200 TBR to/from Duisburg – Mannheim – Ludwigshafen – Wörth. Distri Rail is one of Rotterdam’s largest privately owned Rail companies. The head office is situated in Rhoon, right in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam, the center of European shipping

Distri rail is one of Rotterdam’s leading suppliers in logistics. We operate with an extensive in-house team backed by a European network  of dedicated agencies and representatives. Information is available to our customers and suppliers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. Not only through online accessibility via our system and Electronic-Data-Interchange (EDI) but also through our staff and management.

a Leading rail operator


Trains per week


Terminals in Rotterdam

> 100


> 200.000

Teu per year

the direct distrirail destination

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Rotterdam Terminals

ECT, Euromax, RWG, APMT1, APMT MVII, RCT, C.Ro, Bertschi & RSC Waalhaven


3 trains a week

Duisburg Intermodal Terminal

6 Daily trains

Contargo terminal mannheim

5 trains a week

Container Terminal Linz

4 trains a week

our additional services

Customs brokerage

Distri Rail offers tailor-made solutions for all customs activities, geared for specific market segments and company sizes. We can help your organization to process customs formalities both within and outside the European community, or even at your premises.
This department is a separate organization within our group, which ensures a 100% neutral position of this in-house specialist. Furthermore it also explains why the client portfolio of this department consists out of Exporters, Importers, Forwarders, Trucking companies, Inland terminals and Shipping lines.

Supply chain

Lean supply chain management should be considered by businesses who want to streamline their processes by eliminating waste and non-value added activities. Companies have a number of areas in their supply chain where waste can be identified as time, costs or inventory.
We at Distri Rail understand the importance of delivering on our promises. Through constant monitoring of internal and external work-flows we provide visibility and management control of the complete end to end supply chain.


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Far East to Rotterdam (FER) by Rail...


Many paths lead between China and Europe, but never with a speed of 15 to 22 days from the Mainports in China to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Across the ocean by ship, the sky by aircraft or now across Central Asia via the railway. Sixaaa

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Ontdek ons Euro...


Bij Distri Rail zijn wij altijd op zoek naar nieuwe bestemmingen. Het maken van nieuwe verbindingen en uitbreiden van ons Europese rail netwerk is tenslotte onze core business. In deze overzichtelijke kaart ziet u onze directe en indirecte Europese achterlandaaa

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Verbindt Port of Rotterdam met het ...


Distri Rail onderhoudt een hoogfrequente treindienst tussen alle containerterminals in de haven van Rotterdam met de hub in Duisburg (Duitsland). Vanuit hier bieden wij een groot aantal indirecte bestemmingen binnen de Europese Unie. Met ons concept verkorten wij de transit tijd tussen hetaaa

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Nieuwe ruilshuttle Duisburg <> Moer...


Distri Rail begint op 11 april een nieuwe railshuttle tussen Duisburg en Moerdijk. De nieuwe dienst is een aanvulling op de bestaande twaalf railshuttles in de week van de spooroperator tussen Rotterdam en de Duitse industriestad. Volgens algemeen directeur Johan Booijaaa

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